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Investment in Katowice is completed

We are pleased to inform that the investment called: “Expansion of Recycling and Waste Management in Katowice at ul. Milowickiej 7A. Step 1: Modernization of the plant for biological treatment of organic waste”, came to an end.

On the 5th of the October the official opening of Investment took place in Katowice.
Despite unfavorable weather CEO MPGK Sp. o.o. Andrzej Malara welcomed at the ceremony numerous guests: Mayor of Katowice - Marcin Krupa, a representative of the Marshal Office of Silesia - Łukasz Tekeli, representatives WFOŚiGW in Katowice - Barbara Małkowska and Ewa Hernas, Deputy Mayor of Katowice - Bogumil Sobula , Chairman of the City of Katowice - Krystyna Siejna, members of the Supervisory Board of MPGK Sp. o.o., Inspector of Environmental Protection - Tadeusz Sadowski and the Regional Director for Environmental Protection - Bernard Blaszczyk.
After greeting all present there was a symbolic ribbon cutting and speeches of invited guests.

The official part was followed by sightseeing the object chaired by representatives of AK NOVA: Mateusz Gardo and Piotr Grabek.

The main scope of the investment included:
- Construction of a plant for biological treatment of organic waste with a capacity of 50 000 Mg / y and 10 000 Mg / y separately collected green waste
This installation consists mainly of the construction of composting organic waste in the form of 24 bioreactors. In addition, the plant will be located ventilation systems, sprinkler systems, biofilter with a scrubber, process containers, tanks, leachate and percolate
- Construction of squares and compost maturation stabilization
- Construction of a new warehouse of alternative fuels RDF
- Construction of a composting plant for green waste consisting of shelters over the square maturation
- Construction of storage reservoirs, sewage network and water supply networks and electrical installations and telecommunication
- Construction of roads, pavements, maneuvering





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