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AK NOVA is a modern engineering company, whose dynamic development has made it one of the leaders of its market segment. Since 2003, the company has been providing services to entities involved in the processing, management and disposal of waste, i.e. the market segment related to waste management. The definition of "engineering company" does not fully reflect the unique nature of the company, which, as probably the only one in the country, can carry out almost the entire investment process with its own forces. With the following departments: consulting and design, technological and executive, it can implement the entire investment, starting from the idea-concept, through initial administrative decisions, design, permits, implementation, commissioning and even operation.

Until 2012, AK NOVA worked on its own solution in the field of biological waste treatment, which resulted in its own waste composting technology - NOVA KOMP. Having a proprietary composting technology, instead of a simple implementation of existing solutions, comprehensiveness of the offer, high quality and competitiveness meant that currently with over 20 installations based on NOVA KOMP technology, AK NOVA is the undisputed leader in this segment. The success on the market of biological waste treatment installations is also the result of flexibility in the selection of specific solutions, comprehensiveness of services, excellent balance between the quality of the equipment and materials used and a reasonable price acceptable to investors. Qualified, experienced and stable staff combined with the growing group of young employees is a source of success also in other areas of activity, as evidenced by references from customers obtained during cooperation in the implementation of hundreds of concepts, environmental impact reports, construction projects, applications for environmental decisions, integrated permits, etc.

The human, financial and know-how capital built up over the years, as well as ordinary business honesty, have made AK NOVA invited to cooperate by the largest companies operating in the industry, such as: Strabag Umwelttechnik, SUEZ, ENERIS, REMONDIS, VEOLIA, BUDIMEX, etc. ; as a consortium member, technology provider, designer, consultant. Despite many turbulences, changes in the market both on the demand side, conditioned to a large extent by legislative changes, as well as the supply of services and materials necessary for the implementation of tasks, AK NOVA invariably remains in its position as one of the most important companies providing consulting, design and implementation services in the waste management industry in Poland.

tTel. 61-662 33 93

wFax 61-662 33 31

AK NOVA Sp. z o.o.

ul. Mrągowska 3
60-161 Poznań



AK NOVA Sp. z o.o.
ul. Mrągowska 3
60-161 Poznań

Tel. 61 662 33 93
Fax 61 662 33 31
Email: biuro@aknova.com.pl

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