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Apart from design works AK NOVA and its partners (geological companies) provide comprehensive geological and hydrological studies of grounds on which landfill will be located.

In terms of elaborations we perform:
  • inventory of all surface watercourses and water penetrating area predicted for landfill and its surrounding
  • hydrological balance of water’s amount entering and leaving the landfill during its operation
  • recognition of the geological structure of the area predicted for landfill and its surrounding
  • determination of permeability coefficient k of each layer constituting the lithological separation
  • testing of the spatial structure of the orogen in the area predicted for landfill and its surrounding

AK NOVA does not only design but also focus on entire environment associated with obtainment of permits and administrative decisions.
Project of landfill is diversified elaboration, which consists of the knowledge and experience of many people working and collaborating with our design office.

Design – reclamations

Each landfill has a limited cubature. When it is fulfilled it is necessary to close the entire or just a part of landfill and to carry out reclamation’s work.

Reclamation works must be performed in a manner that protects the landfill against the harmful influence on surface water, groundwater and air, integrated landfill area with the surrounding environment and it allows to observe the impact of landfill on the environment.
The fundamental error that appears in the reclamation project is "over-investment" which means adoption of solutions which forces the investor to cover costs of unreasonable requirements for environmental protection. It refers especially to all solutions related to the protection (sealing) of the plateau of the landfill.



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