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Due to education and experience of our design team and the systematic improvement of its competence, the presence at the most important trade events (ecological fairs in Poland and abroad), participation in conferences and symposiums, cooperation with research centers and companies from abroad, we can offer our customers technologies elaborated with the use of the most modern tools and methods. When Waste Treatment Plant (ZUO) is designed we take into account the environmental and economic effectiveness of proposed solutions, customer’s preferences, the stage of project’s progress, the specificity of the environment, etc.

Individual approach and years of experience ensure that the project will be effective, tailored to client’s needs and technologically flexible. A high level of competence of staff, designers, consultants and business partners, allows us to use in the design of waste treatment plants (ZUO) a number of technological solutions.

We offer to our clients a comprehensive projects of:
  • Mechanical and Biological Waste Treatment Plants (MBA)
  • Thermal Waste Treatment Plants (incineration plants and gasification installations)
  • Sorting Plants - mechanical, manual, automatic and combined, including plants for the production of alternative fuel



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