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Construction of plants operating large administrative areas leads to lengthening the distance between the points of collection and place where they are treated. The current trend strengthens the role of such issues as rationalization of waste flow in urban and rural areas and optimization of the location of the waste final disposal. On the other hand, despite of the requirements imposed by the European Union, landfilling remains the leading method of waste disposal in Poland. What is more, there is no indication that the situation will change significantly in the coming years, which leads to the conclusion that incineration is the only solution in terms of coping with such a large amount of generated waste.

For this reason two-tier transport system is getting more important. The main components of waste transfer station include high-performance presses, containers, weighbridges with infrastructure and translational systems.


The main objectives of the transfer stations’ construction:

• transport costs’ reduction by waste compaction,

• optimal use of transport means and organization of work,

• preservation of competitive rates for waste disposal,

• possibility to create Voluntary Waste Collection Points – collection of problematic waste (electrical, electronic, etc.)

• region free of unpleasant smell



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