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We also provide sealing services for engineering facilities (landfills, lagoons, reservoirs of different intended use, buildings and foundations, yards, etc. Another service we provide consists in rehabilitation and repair of engineering facilities.




Sealing is comprised of PEHD geomembranes (or optionally other sealing materials) that provide an impermeable barrier to protect the surface of the ground, ground water and surface water. All geomembranes used by our company have the set of required certificates and approvals. Depending on the type of investment we implement our tasks by using other sealing materials and stabilizers, such as:

  • geotextiles - used as reinforcement and separation of weak soil in embankments in order to improve its stability and to accelerate its consolidation. Very often they protect geomembrane sealing against mechanical damage,

  • bentomats - geomembrane composite with very low permeability with permeable geotextiles of self-sealing properties in the appearance of a local break,
  • geogrids - used for layered reinforcement of grounds at slopes, embankments and foundations, they the soil by improving water conditions,
  • geogrids - used in the construction of roads, embankments, slopes, drainage systems, they strengthen weak ground floor, constructions of embankments, etc.
Services are performed by qualified installation teams equipped with specialized equipment for HDPE film welding. Engineering and executive staff has many years of experience in the field of performed works and at the waste management market.

With new powerful devices, experienced executive team and properly organized work, we offer competitive prices and we maintain the highest quality of service.


Renovations, repairs

Scope of work:

  •      fire protection tanks

  •      demolitions

  •      reclamations of landfills



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