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Point of Problematic Waste Collection

Project of Point of Problematic Waste Collection at Wrzesińska street in Poznan

The task consisted of:

1. Preparation of the architecture and construction concept

2. Elaboration of the building project in order to obtain building permit.

3. Elaboration of the executive building project in order to implement following construction works:
  •    social-office building,
  •    storages of problem waste,
  •    storage sheds,
  •    covered positions for containers
  •    manoeuvre area with parking
  •    entry and exit from Wrzesińska street in the area of proposed localization of PGOP,
  •    water, electrical, heating installations with connections
  •    fire protection  installations
  •    site lighting with connection,
  •    computer installation and monitoring of the area,
  •    greenery,
  •    rainwater piping system with hydrocarbon separator,
  •    fence.
4. Elaboration of technological design.

5. Elaboration of the demolition and removal project for existing objects.

6. Design of traffic organization (entry and exit).

7. Development of operating instructions.

8. Development of fire instructions with an indication of the necessary fire protection equipment in designed PGOP.

9. Elaboration of the information in the field of safety and health protection.

10. Obtainment of the required reviews, approvals and verifications of design solutions.

11. Obtainment of the report concerning impact on the environment.

12. Obtainment of the environmental permit for the project implementation.

13. Elaboration of technical specification of performance and acceptance of works.

14. Implementation of investment cost estimates.

15. Implementation of the bill of quantities.

16. Report or obtainment of demolition permit (if it is required) for existing objects.

17. Obtainment of building permit of designed investment.



Execution date

10.2008 - 02.2009

Scope of works

Elaboration of project-estimate documentation for Point of Problematic Waste Collection at Wrzesinska street

Plant's capacity



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