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Regional Waste Treatment Plant in Dębowiec

Designed RZZO in Dębowiec is a municipal waste treatment plant where alternative fuel is produced, it includes also following elements:
  • mechanical and biological waste treatment plant – efficiency:  50 000 Mg/year in two shifts
  • composting plant - efficiency:  15 000 Mg/year
  • landfill quarter for non-hazardous and inert waste – area: 4,77 ha and associated
  • infrastructure
for which there were issued  and then validated building permits.

Scope of works:
  • inventory of facilities and equipment at landfill in Dębowiec and possibilities of its use during works or liquidation;
  • dendrological elaboration (inventory) of trees and shrubs in the area where works are performed, which due to the projected objects are predicted to be cut off;
  • engineering-geological documentation which specifies engineering-geological conditions for the project and construction of the Regional Waste Management Plant in Dębowiec, Skierbieszów community;
  • hydrogeological documentation which defines hydrogeological conditions in the area of designed landfill quarter for non-hazardous and inert waste;
  • building and executive projects;
  • aquatic legal survey for realization of one-hole water device for groundwater extraction with aquatic legal permit obtaining;
  • bills of quantities and investor estimates;
  • Technical Specifications of Execution and Reception of the Works.


Dębowiec (Skierbieszów community)

Execution date

08.2011 - 08.2012

Scope of works

Plant's capacity

sorting plant: 50 000 Mg/year in two shifts
composting plant: 15 000 Mg/year



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