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Inwestment in Katowice

The aim of the investment is to bring technical and technological Recovery and Waste Disposal Plant located in Katowice to the current legal requirements in terms of mechanical-biological waste treatment and landfill restrictions duties.

The main scope of the project includes:
- Construction of a plant for biological treatment of organic waste, adapted to the annual output of 50,000 Mg of biodegradable waste separated in the mechanical treatment of mixed municipal waste and 10,000 Mg of separately collected green waste and other bio-waste with the possibility biodrying. This installation will consist primarily of the construction of composting organic waste in the form of closed 24 bioreactors for intensive composting process while 16 bioreactors will be adapted for the permeate fraction 0 ÷ 80 mm and the remaining 8 bioreactor are adapted for green waste and drying of alternative fuels. In addition, there will be ventilation systems, sprinkler systems, biofilter with a scrubber, process containers, tanks leachate and percolate
- Construction of squares and compost maturation stabilizer
- Construction of a new warehouse of alternative fuels RDF conveyors transmission 
- Construction of a composting plant for green waste consisting of shelters over the square maturation
- Construction of storage reservoirs, sewage network and water supply network and electrical installations and telecommunication
- Construction of roads, pavements, maneuvering

The budget for the project is 42 754 800.00 zł.



Execution date

09.2015 - 08.2016

Scope of works

- adjusting the technical and technological aspects of the functioning Recovery and Waste Disposal Plant in accordance with the existing legal requirements in terms of mechanical-biological waste treatment and landfill restrictions duties

Plant's capacity

50 000 Mg/a



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