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Composting Plant in Bogatynia

Investment of a composting plant in Bogatynia has been completed. The project was designed to manage the capacity of 16 000 Mg / year. The scope of the work carried out by AK NOVA consisted of a comprehensive installation of NOVA-COMP system, execution of construction works, supply and implementation of technological elements.
Basic parameters:
Chambers area: 800 m2
Volume of chambers: 3990 m3
Biofilter usable area: 211 m2
The installation consists of the following elements:
- composting / stabilization chamber
-ventilation center
-automatic process control system
-squares and roads to handle installation
-the necessary technical infrastructure



Execution date

12.2013 - 09.2014

Scope of works

dostawa, montaż i rozruch instalacji

Plant's capacity

16 000 Mg/rok



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